My career as a software engineer really began the moment I walked through the glass doors of the Alasco office building. As I didn’t know what to expect, a multitude of questions were racing through my head. To two prominent ones, which kept coming back to me were:

  • How will I grow as a professional?
  • What will I learn?

Nine months on I feel as if I can start to address them. Which ladies and gentlemen, is what I will be doing in this article, through the use of a few salient points that I have compiled.

Closed mouths don’t get fed

It’s important to…

When it comes to programming, there is the correct way of doing something, and then there is the right way of doing it. There are many cases within the Python language where this is true.

Lists are a fundamental data structure in Python, with a wide variety of use-cases. There are many instances where we require algorithms to split a list into “first” and “rest” pairs. Which is usually done with the use of indexing and slicing. For example:

names = ["Alice", "Bob", "Carol", "Dave", "Elon"]
alice = names[0]
bob = names[1]
everyone_else = names[2:]

The above code snippet is…

Why I am reading The Wealth of Nations

For some time now I have been reading books which go over different schools of economics, and how each one takes a look at a governments role in a market and the liberties given to an individual. However every book I picked up always made some reference to the The Wealth of Nations (TWON) by Adam Smith.

I had known of the book, however was somewhat discouraged to read it due to it’s 18th Century use of the English language. Now however, it has come to the point where enough is enough. …

Before we begin, I think it would be quite nice for me to give a quick introduction. At the time of writing, I have been working at Alasco for nearly 3 months as a full-time software engineer. I came from the United Kingdom right after finishing my studies in Birmingham, and I am now a member of the Alasco engineering team, PCF. Being a member of team PCF means that we work to improve all processes that deal with the planning, controlling and forecasting of construction costs, hence the name.

In my position as an Engineer at Alasco, I am…


Before we wander off into the world that is ReactJS, I just want to let you guys know that this is my first blog post. So the fact that you’re reading this means the world. As this is my first post I thought it would be best to start with my favourite frontend library, ReactJS. Whether you are a beginner or just someone that wants to build a very simple React application, then this is the blog post for you.

What we’re going to build

For this tutorial, we will be developing a very basic React application, where a user will be able to input…

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